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Autor:  meikot [ 08.04.2010 11:15 ]
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My name is Iria. I am from Spain but I am living in Estonia. I am doing a research about tuning in Estonia and I want to know the differences between the two cultures (Estonia and Spain): if both spend more or less the same money in the car, if the most important changes are the same (for example, in Spain the most important change that you can make in your car is the music system).... To know all these things I made an interview. It is completely anonimous so pleaseeeeeee answer me :D

This is the link for the interview.... thankssssssss ... /interview

Autor:  saarlane [ 08.04.2010 11:22 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Tuning Research

Biggest difference I noticed, that in Spain there are very small cars very popular. We have everything :D

But the test is done.

Autor:  FreeFaller [ 08.04.2010 11:52 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Tuning Research

Yep most of us like big cars :D

Autor:  ouc- [ 08.04.2010 11:55 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Tuning Research

We dont just like big cars, but the engine must be full of power ! :)

Autor:  AndY86 [ 13.04.2010 18:28 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Tuning Research

size does matter ;)

Autor:  Euroameerika [ 15.11.2011 19:41 ]
Teema pealkiri:  Re: Tuning Research

Test is ready, i dont need power, i need size and comfort. That matters. Also, big cars have big engine.

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