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 Teema pealkiri: While the rest of us were draining dinosaurs from chambers
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Liitunud: 21.10.2020 09:25
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Thought about that a little. In Soul Wars, you have the obelisk at the center, and 2 graveyards to the other side, right? Anyywayyy, the first objective of the game is to acquire your own graveyard for your group: Today your near the RS gold obelisk, the most important part of the game. You try to kill the avatar: Let us say your team wins. Some man reduces ava level to zero through obelisk, and then next, your staff chooses another graveyard:

Your close to the avatar now. Probably the thing that made me wonder the MOST is now, the other team only has the home graveyard: RIGHT NEXT TO THE AVATAR. In a, IDUNNO, PERFECT place to defend it? I understand evolution is mutations eventually leading to the better race/animal: Survival of the fittest. However, it's a bit of the same context. If we think Gielnorianly (pro word), is not that a very wonderful cause -> effect arrangement? Please, DO NOT tell me that'omg u noob this aint ny evolution gtfo nub and receive science degre kthxbai'. Just, tell me what you think.

I had been thinking of creating a skiller account, after among these joined a dunging party I had been in. While the rest of us were draining dinosaurs from chambers, wondering where the door to get our keys were, and generally performing the standard job, this lvl 3 skiller went about and, for lack of a better word, sucked up every resouce point. At the conclusion of the level, the whole party got"Beast Mode" title, which states"You exhibited Mod (some thing )'s stubborness by exhausting every possible source on the way into the supervisor." I thought, wow, being a skiller at a dung party sure has its advantages...

When I first log on RuneScape I do this routine

No need to be concerned about food, since the skiller doesn't tank... ("HEY 105, get here, we need a high level to tank the hits, while we take no damage and catch food that's on the ground after you simply tanked 10+ stinks. Oh , no meals for you , since we are lower level than you, we want food more even though we don't get hit". You don't have to worry about which boss that the party's confronting, since the skiller is not fighting. You don't have to worry about keys, since someone else besides the skiller is ordinarily the keyer. Free training of skills inside the dung. Appreciated at a celebration for lowering the mobs combat level. Struggling to solo dungs. Not much use for the benefits (grav and tome). However, this is only from one experience I have had. In members they've more of a cheap RuneScape gold usage (I think), but by the pros listed above, it seems to me that a skiller in dunging is quite carefree role.

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Tee uus teema Vasta teemale  [ 1 postitus ] 

Kõik kellaajad on UTC + 2 tundi [ DST ]

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